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Fral UK 

The company prides itself on offering a first class service using the most up to date equipment. 

We treat our customers the way we expect to be treated so we always communicate with our customers ensuring that we always live upto their expectations.

All our staff are experienced in the industry so understand that offering the right equipment at the right time at the right price is so important.

Offering emergency cooling for data and computer suites is a major part of our business so we have to be able to react incredibly fast to ensure that our customers business does not grind to a stop, potentially costing thousand of pounds.

We are the exclusive UK distributor for Fral a leading manufacturer in portable air conditioning and dehumidifiers, with both our experience and their fantastic manufacturing facility we are always coming up with new ideas and products for the UK.

The Avalanche below is just one of the examples of what Fral can design, manufacture and supply.